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Our Services 

Fire Door Inspection

One of our inspectors will visit your premisses, inspect your door and issue an inspection report. We affix one of our inspection stickers to the door with details of the door, the inspection date and when another inspection is due.


The report will note the existing condition of the door and whether the door, and its components, meet the desired rating for the door. The report will clearly state if the door passes or fails, and in the event of a failure, a course of action to remedy any issues raised will be noted. 

Want to see what our inspection covers? head over to our FAQ page for a more indepth look.

Fire Door Installation

It’s incredibly important that your door or doorset is installed by a trained and competent person. A fire door is a piece of safety equipment and as such must be installed following the manufacturer's guidelines. A poorly installed fire door will greatly diminish the doors performance.  

Our team are all qualified carpenters with 20+ years of experience. We've all undertaken training to install, inspect and maintain fire doors. 

Fire Door Supply

Guardian Fire Doors also specialises in supplying fire doors. Once we have an idea of the design of door you'd like, and the necessary rating you need, we'll recommend a door to suit.


If your existing door lining or frame is suitable we can supply a door only however, we usually supply a doorset which includes a lining or frame. Supplying a doorset ensures we know all the coment parts are approved by the manufacturer. 

Fire Door Maintenance 

Here at Guardian Fire Doors we're trained to maintain your fire doors. 

Fire doors should be frequently monitored and formally checked at least every 6 months by the responsible person (the person responsible for your fire doors).

A basic maintenance check would include, but not be limited to:

  • Check the operation of your door closing device.

  • Check the perimeter gaps, they should all look equal and between 2-4mm wide.

  • Check door for signs of damage.

  • Check hinges are in good working order an free from signs of wear.

  • Make sure the door is clearly marked as a fire door, and also check the door is labelled on the top or with a button on the edge. More information on this on our FAQ page.

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